What you need to know about EPALE – the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe

EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe) is currently being set up by the European Commission. EPALE will allow Adult Learning Stakeholders, such as providers, teachers, trainers, policy-makers, media, researchers and so on to exchange, showcase, and promote methods of good practice in adult education.

The European Commission has high ambitions for EPALE. The e-Platform is designed to become the reference point on adult learning in Europe, becoming essential to any professional in the field. 

EPALE will offer a number of tools, such as collaborative networking space, calendar of events and courses, a library of high quality educational and policy resources, discussion groups and more. The features will allow Adult Learning professionals and stakeholders to have access to high quality educational content, strengthen their networking and have a much closer involvement in policy at various levels. Ultimately, these will support the development and quality of adult learning in Europe.

Through the platform, adult learning professionals will be able to share good practice and recent developments and learn from each other.

According to the EC:

EPALE will support the following goals:

  • make lifelong learning and exchange of experience a reality;

  • improve the quality and efficiency of adult learning;

  • Promote equality, social cohesion and active citizenship through adult learning (1).

The platform will be open to anyone involved in the organisation and development of adult learning and it is due to launch later in 2014. 

Currently stakeholders are invited to contribute to the development of EPALE via a survey. The survey is available on all EU languages and should be completed by the 14th of May. The survey can be accessed via this link: http://ec.europa.eu/epale/

More information on the platform can be found here:




TWITTER: @EPALE_EU (https://twitter.com/EPALE_EU)


1: http://ec.europa.eu/education/opportunities/adult-learning/epale_en.htm




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